Monday, June 8, 2009

Exchange With Candy

This exchange just really made me realize why people are so upset with her and her blog. I got it, on a small scale, before, but this just sealed the deal. When someone tries so hard to convince someone of why their little lie is really not a lie and when they turn around and flat out lie, they are not to be held up as an example of a Christian woman. I have had others email me things she has said before, but this one takes the cake because it's much more, I don't know. I guess I finally just really saw it.

Below is the email conversation, both sides:

What is your email address? :
Subject : Home Tour
Message : I just wanted to ask, as a sister in Christ, to please be very transparent and honest in your posts. As noted, your daughter's room is in a nice sized walk-in closet. There is nothing wrong with that. It's a creative use of space when you have more feet than rooms. But how about stop calling it a 4 bedroom and just say something like, "we only have 3 bedrooms and felt our daughter needed some privacy. We have this huge walk-in closet off of our room/bathroom and felt it would give her the space she needs to sleep privately or to read a little book alone." It feels deceptive to read the description you have given and then discover it's not the full truth. As Christians we should steer away from even the appearance of evil. Are we perfect? No. Should we strive for God's way? Yes. I enjoy your home tours, your videos, and many of your homeschooling ideas. But it's very concerning to read these things that aren\'t full truth and then trust the other things you say.

my daughters BEDroom
Date:6/5/2009 8:27:57 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:
My daughters bedroom is a small room with a bed in it.That makes it a bedroom. We've considered making thatsmall room into our office in the future. Then, thatroom will no longer be a BEDroom, it will then be anoffice.

Get off your high horse.

What is your email address? :
Subject : Your Dauther's Bedroom
Message : OK, I won't email anything again about the subject. If you want to tell your readers that\'s a bedroom by technical terms, then that's fine. It's your blog. I was just saying it's hard to trust when the words are put together in a way that\'s not fully the truth. I think it\'s a creative use of space to put her into that walk-in. That\'s a huge closet. I used to have one that large myself and fully enjoyed the space to put the extras in it.

I am not on a high horse. But it\'s not wrong for a sister in Christ to talk to a sister in Christ privately about such things. In fact, we are called to do it. I am sorry you got upset that I asked for a bit more honesty in your posting since you put yourself out as a Christian woman striving for a Godly walk and a public Godly image as most of us do once we become Christ followers.

Just remember, I can put myself in the oven but it doesn\'t make me a bisquit. And that\'s where I will end this as there is no where else to go with this since we don\'t have one or two sisters that we know to come to you with and ask for more honesty. So, as I said, your blog, you can call the closet what you wish. And, as I also said, I think it\'s a creative use of space on your part. We have a repurposed mudroom that we now use as a pantry and a repurposed dining room that we use as our oldest child\'s bedroom. Creativity is often a must.


Subject:Here's what's ridiculous
Date:6/5/2009 9:08:34 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

What is rediculous, is that you have never been in my house,nor have you been in my daughter's BEDroom. My closetis at the end of my bedroom, near the foot of my bed.

The room my daughter is in, is a small room that canbe used as a BEDroom, as an office, as a storage room,etc.

So, I think you are being absolutely rediculous.

A closet is a CLOTHESette. My daughter is not sleeping in a CLOTHESette. She is sleeping in a ROOM with a bed, this makes it a BEDroom.

Shame on you for accusing me of being a lier, and shameon you for assuming to know the rooms in my house.

I would presume you are getting this baloney in yourhead from the hate sites. If I am wrong, that is great, and I hope I am. But usually when I readweird stuff like this, the person had just come fromone of those sick, slanderous, gossip sites.

So, I can say "get off your high horse," because youseem to think you possess the powers of remoteviewing, which you obviously don't.

Am I offended? Absolutly. Your accusation to me, isakin to my saying to you "don't lie and say you're awoman. We all know you got that sex operation lastyear," or maybe this one - "Have you stopped beatingyour husband yet?"

Do you see my point? You don't just email me, and say"stop lying. Your girl sleeps in a closet, not abedroom." Rediculous. My daughter sleeps in herbedroom, thank you very much. :-?

If you email me back to clean this up, then I'm game.But, if you're just going to email me with moreFallacies of Presuppositions than I will not be interested in continuing the conversation.

What is your email address? :
Subject : Final On This Topic
Message : I told you I won\'t talk to you about it anymore. I said my peace, I am done. I made that promise and I don\'t break my word. I will go back to reading your site and just gleaning what I can as I do every other Christian woman\'s blog that I read. I am a Christian woman with my own blog. I know what I know and I know who my Savior is. That\'s all I need at this point and won\'t continue in this with you. Thank you and God bless you.


Date:6/5/2009 9:21:14 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

Obviously you don't know what you know, because mybedroom has only one closet, and that is not wheremy daughter sleeps. She is in the nursery, that isher bedroom.

I suggest you stop reading my blog, or you may havemore false distant viewing episodes.

A Christian would appologize for being incorrect, notcontinue on in their nonsense.

What is your email address? :
Subject : Really, I Don\'t Care About The Room Anymore
Message : You are harping on a topic that has been closed, laughing like you got some sort of odd pleasure out of proving something to me and I should apologize? I am not continuing anything. I didn\'t mention one tiny dot about your home in my response to you. I am sorry you feel the need to continue this. You won\'t con me into breaking my promise to you. I keep my word and would hope you would respect that fact. I AM sorry your feelings were hurt. That was not my intention in my private request to you.

Thank you and God bless.


Date:6/5/2009 10:08:13 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

Are you Dyslogic? You keep emailing, saying you aregoing to stop emailing me. You called me a liar. Ishowed you where you were wrong, and you insist in keeping in your pride, instead of appologizing for yourpride, and now you keep email me, telling me that youpromised that you wouldn't email me about it anymore.

I don't understand you. Who are you? What in the world do you want with me?

You emailed me something that was incorrect. Icorrected your misconception, and yet, you are keepingat some sort of game. If you are hinting at somethingor trying to tell me something, without actuallysaying it, then give up. It won't work, I have"Asburgers." I don't take hints.

Just spit it out already, or leave me alone.I don't get it. :-( Either you are seriouslymentally ill, or I am not getting what you are trying to say. Because honestly, you are lookingto me like an insane wacco.

You tell me what the rooms in my house are, yetyou've never been in my house, and when I correctyou, you refuse to believe me, but instead say"I know what I know." Then, you keep emailing me,saying "I won't email you."

Can you see how you look like an insane person tome? Again, I don't get it. What in the world areyou trying to do???


Subject:Okay, I fixed it
Date:6/5/2009 10:16:10 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

I went into my updated house tour, and made thedescription of my closet area and of the nursery moreclear.

Hope this helps. :-)

What is your email address? :
Subject : Confused
Message : I didn\'t say I wouldn\'t email again. Goodness, I didn\'t know you thought no communication should ever happen again. I said I would not email you about your home again. I was clear about it. Calling someone crazy is very unChristlike. I did apologize, if you had read my last email. I am sorry you feel the need to attack.

I am also sorry you have Aspergers. That must make life more of a challenge, but you are proof you can overcome such an adversity in life. I know three young little men that are living life with Asperger\'s, and many more with Autism, and it\'s a hard road but one that can be over come with God\'s leading and wonderful dietary and supplemental interventions. You are a great example to those who have these disorders. You should speak more on them as many parents today don\'t get the opportunity to see adult examples of what their children have to give them hope.


Subject:finishing this
Date:6/6/2009 11:29:28 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

I don't know what you want, and I don't understand youone bit, so I am putting an end to this charade.

To clarify, the room my daughter sleeps in, used tobe a walk in closet, but it has been converted intoa bedroom, much the same way some people convertindoor porches into bedrooms.

A new closet was built in the room. Therefore I amnot at all lying, when I call her room her room, becauseit is a room, and it's hers.

I appologize if you have misunderstood me, or I havemislead you. I have fixed my house tour to be moreclear, by saying her room is a nursery, becausethat's what it is.

I will cease to continue this conversation, becauseit truly is a waste of time. This I believe tobe evident.

What is your email address? :
Subject : Sorry
Message : I don\'t know why you think I am continuing the conversation about your home. I have not mentioned it since I said I wouldn\'t mention it again. I am sorry for the confusion. I am sorry you are upset that you think I am still worried about it. I have moved on and haven\'t had another thought about it.

My last email was to clarify that I did apologize to you and to say I was sorry you had to deal with Asperger\'s and how your story of how you have overcome the challenges surrounding it would be a great post, probably a great many posts. I know many parents who are facing this with their children and would really, really like to hear from an adult with Asperger\'s as it would give them great hope. I was honestly supportive in that aspect and hoping to maybe give you some back pats on how you have been so successful in overcoming.

Really, Candy, the home situation is closed. I don\'t care. I said my peace in that first email. I vow to not bring it up again and I have kept that vow. I was honestly trying to move on from that topic and speak about another one you brought up, your asperger\'s. God bless you today, and everyday. I am, truly yours, your sister in Christ.

This is when Candy brought in a third party to start questioning like she had no clue what was happening, only to later discover Candy had shared all the emails and was trying to dupe some information.

What is your email address? :
Subject : Thank you
Message : I want to thank you for putting inforamtion out on the net like you do. You said something that made me feel such great awe that you were doing so well overcoming something that so many suffer with when you told me you had Asperger\'s. Now I find out you lied to me. You, dear sister, need to really check your words. You are hurting people you don\'t even know. You have no clue how much that can hurt a person.

Then I find that you don\'t have Asperger\'s. You said, on Anne\'s blog, \"Thank you for appreciating my bluntness. I\'ve been accused of having \"Aspberger\'s\" or whatever that is. I don\'t think I do. I just value honesty, and total up-front-ness, as you know. :-PFebruary 27, 2009 9:22 AM\"

Wow, just wow. I no longer trust a word you say because you have proven yourself untrustworthy. You are lying to people to make yourself look good instead of humblind yourself to make God look good. I hope you will change your ways. I just removed your blog from my favorites file. God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers. Please, think before you speak. And please don\'t try and deny you said this, I have your email to me where you did say you had Asperger\'s.


Subject:***your email has been blocked***
Date:6/7/2009 2:17:59 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Reply To:

You have been detected as sending malicious, hatefulemails to Candy via her contact form on her blog.This email is to inform you that you have been reported,and that any comments you send through Candy's systemwill no longer be received, but automatically filtered out and thrown away.

***This is your only notice***

So, it's mentioned ONCE about the closet that is her daughter's bedroom (which you noticed she finally admitted to the truth), the she goes on and on about it while the subject is dropped and polite conversation is attempted to be had (which she said would be fine if it moved to polite conversation), but name calling ensues (dyslogic and insane), and finally, when actual proof of her lies are shown to her (her own words, can't deny those), email is blocked. Oh, Candy, how sad for you. You were willing to keep up with the charade as long as there was no ability to "prove" it. Then you admit to the lie, privately (but do not make the correction on your blog), but block email when someone says, "here's real proof". Keep it honest Candy and you won't have to backpeddle like this.

(the goofy little / in certain areas were not in the original emails. But when Candy's system sends a copy of the email, it puts them into the body.)

I have the screen shot of her admitting that she doesn't have Asperger's, but figured her quote would work. Email me if you want the screen shot sent to you.